Chroma 63204 datasheet 2n3904

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Chroma 63204 datasheet 2n3904

The ChromaVolt DC Electronic Load is designed for DC 63204 power source power datasheet electronic devices components testing. The sine wave loading must be greater or equal to zero ampere. SINE WAVE DYNAMIC LOAD. Chroma 63204 datasheet 2n3904. ChromaVolt datasheet DC Electronic Load. Download Product chroma Datasheet. High Power DC Electronic Loads 3 kW to 24 kW - to 480 kW in parallel - 1200 V. RENT CHROMA 63204 High Power DC Electronic chroma Load. The Chroma 63204 chroma series of programmable electronic loads are designed for a wide variety of dc power conversion products including DC power sources chroma batteries , dc- dc converters, server power supplies, battery chargers many others. Highest accuracy & density. event shall not exceed the purchase price of the specific instrument shipped , otherwise, Chroma’ s liability for breach of warranty under any contract against which a claim is made. The datasheet 63200A series has a unique sine 2n3904 wave loading function which allows setting 2n3904 of a chroma current bias ( I_ DC) 2n3904 a loading sine 63204 wave ( I_ AC) sine wave 2n3904 frequency. This function can be used for D/ D 2n3904 datasheet server power supplies fuel cells for DCIR testing. TestEquity Electronic Load - ChromaDC Electronic Load.
The 63204 high power rating UPS, , battery, parallel datasheet , synchronization capabilities make it the ideal tool for testing the high power UUT such as SMR fuel cell.

Chroma datasheet

Programmable DC Electronic Load. Chroma' s 63200 series of programmable electronic loads are designed for a wide variety of dc power conversion products including; DC power sources, battery chargers, server power supplies, dc- dc converters, batteries and many others. Short circuit simulation. Chroma' s 63200 series electronic loads can also simulate a short circuit condition. The load can short a DC power source or any power supply that has a built in current limit function and measure its short circuit current so that users can verify if the UUT current limit is functional.

chroma 63204 datasheet 2n3904

Chroma 63200 series loads are built in fan speed control to minimize the audio noise. The self- diagnosis routine and the full protections against OPP, OCP, OVP, OTP and reverse polarity ensure the best quality and reliability. • Power Rating: 2.